Digital platform which enables learning from the comfort of your home

Flutura Academy makes the learning process easier to manage and more successful.


About Us

Flutura Academy is a platform for online learning, a product of 'Flutura' academy, part of Bambus Group. By creating a digital space that includes all the necessary elements for online learning, such as drafting real-time exams, assessment, attendance tracking and access for all actors involved in this process, we are one step closer to digitalization of the education system.


  • Digitalization of the learning process

  • Centralization of data

  • Speed and accuracy

  • Inclusiveness

  • Customized boards

  • Easy one-click access

  • Innovation

    For the first time, Flutura Academy brings education directories, schools, students and parents in one place.

    Comprehensive platform

    With the possibility of personalized panels for the Ministry of Education, directorates within municipalities, school coordinator, professor, student and parent; a digital space is enabled where each of the actors can fulfill their responsibilities from the comfort of their home.

    Integration of the diaspora in the learning process

    The digital library offers for all young people living outside Albanian countries to find the necessary materials that will help them to study in Albanian. Moreover, additional or supplementary education may be offered through government programs.

    Digitization of current archives and creation of online archives

    The platform serves the digitalization of all school archives and enables the permanent access of the ministry, directorates or school coordinators. The whole platform serves as a digital archive of a country's schools, generations, teachers and students.


    • Electronic diary

    • Lectures

    • Attendance

    • Testing

    • Assignments

    • Library


    The Flutura Academy platform has enabled every actor directly involved in the education system to have access to the relevant services and data provided and generated by the platform.

    Ministry of Education

    Supervision of the teaching process in all schools.

    Directorates of education

    Supervision of the teaching process in all schools of the municipality.

    School directories

    Supervision of the teaching process and periodic reporting to higher instances.


    Lectures, testing, evaluation and communication with other actors.


    Lectures, tests and assignments.


    Supervision of the children's learning process and communication with teachers.